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Red Hook Wharf - HO Scale Limited Run Kit


Welcome to Red Hook Wharf, a bustling waterfront pier, with the smell of fresh and not so fresh fish in the air. Fog horns and steam whistles echo across the harbor as hardworking stevedores haul, pull and hoist cargo and materials. With limited room, each business vies for dock space sharing tracks and cranes.

For our tenth anniversary we had to go above and beyond our usual Annual Limited Run Kit release - we’ve put together our largest and most value filled kit yet. A wharf had been on our drawing board for some time, but every version came up short. It was missing something important - it had to be dramatic. The only way to do it right was to make it over two feet long! And what was originally a single business, evolved into eight separate structures and business. This allowed for variation in building type, function and materials.

The only drawback in making a very large kit is the cost to you - like an overfed cow, by the time the diorama was finished, it came in at a hefty $450 plus per, the conclusion was that we still wanted modelers to have this kit and since it’s our tenth anniversary and we sincerely appreciate all of your patronage for the last decade we kept the price as low as possible, at $329 , just four dollars more than last years Salt Neck Harbor kit - that comes to about $41 per structure; compare it to all of this years fall structure kit releases.
Be sure to read on and look at all the photos to see the value in this kit.

The overall wharf diorama is 16” x 34”. If space is an issue, model the pier structures as a stand alone scene, only 7” x 11”. Model the land based structures for another scene 9” x15”

The Wharf is anchored by it’s largest enterprise, Red Hook Fish Oil, a rambling corrugated metal structure that includes a large lettered sign and a conveyor that comes out and back in to the structure. 5.75” x 7”

The Sea Hag Bar & Grill, providing “ Good Beer for Ugly Patrons”. This is a one piece hydrocal brick structure with a wood addition, making for any easy build. 1.5” x 5”

Kidwell Spar & Mast is a structure that took to the air, leaping over the track with a second level where they shape and finish ship masts. 2” x 8”

J.Knapp Ship Chandler, a hardware store for boaters, sells everything from ropes to boots. The structure features a distinct tower capped with a finial. 4” x 4.5”

Grove Marine Paint - a supplier of metallic paints for small boats and ships. 2” x 3”

Sternad Freight Co. This three story structure is a shipping & storage company of any kind of freight it can fit through its doors. 3 ” x 4”

Langford Ice - a nearly window less structure, it makes and supplies for the local fishing fleet. Includes a laser cut ice chute and acrylic blocks to simulate ice. 2.75” x 8”

Goldring Oyster - a ramshackle oyster dealer at the end of the pier. Kit features board by board construction over a laser cut assembly. 2.75” x 3”

-All new resin cast details - large freight cluster and dead fish table.
-Includes two jib cranes(one wood, one plastic by Tichy), laser cut shingles, corrugated roofing, standing seam roofing, rolled roofing, gravel roofing. Laser cut structures include clapboard, scribed, board by board, and corrugated siding.

-Kit includes numerous metal details, Tichy plastic windows and doors, NorthEastern Scale lumber, color signage and detailed assembly instructions.

-Kit does not include figures, vehicles or scenery. Specifically it does not include telephone poles, concrete seawalls(but we explain how to make them).

Kit begins shipping 11/30/12. Your order is your reservation of this limited run kit and your card will be charged upon checkout.

  • Model: 180

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